What Makes A Rope Strong?
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What makes a rope strong? Pulling together. That's the answer. Many tiny strands, each weak by itself, but united in a common effort, become strong enough to bind a giant.

What makes a rope strong makes a church strong also. When you take hold of a rope, you seldom think of those tiny little parts that are entwined about each other so as to give the rope such strength. When we speak of a strong church, the little things that really combine to make the unity and power are often overlooked.

The strands that make a church are individuals. Under the mind and hand of God, they are directed toward a common end, united in a common cause - God's glory and man's salvation. This is true if the church is a strong church. It cannot be strong unless its members are united.

Remember this: Strong ropes don't just happen. Neither do churches just happen to be strong. It takes pulling together. The influence of every member, his thought and time, his money and his prayers, should all be coordinated with that of every other member to give the church its greatest strength for its task.