If You Want To Doubt
by Ronny E. Hinds

If you want to doubt the Bible is the Word of God, then the Bible itself provides you with sufficient evidence to get the job done. The previous sentence is not an attention-getter to get you to read this article, but a statement of what I sincerely believe.

I had that point reaffirmed in my thinking as I was reading from Matthew 2 about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Has it ever occurred to you, why did God allow all those innocent babies to die and for their parents, grandparents and friends to mourn and agonize their loss? Why didn't God protect them as He did Jesus, Mary and Joseph in sending them away into Egypt? Does that seem like a righteous act of a righteous God?

There are a multitude of Bible stories involving the action of God or His people that can raise the same questions. From our human perspective it seems so unfair, unjust and could have been easily avoided if done another way. And, if we fumbling, misguided humans can see such injustices and think of better ways, then certainly an all-wise, all-powerful, righteous God could!

Why? Why? Why? This has always been the cry that starts hearts doubting. When we cannot and do not understand, then there must be something wrong - we should not believe, trust or follow it. Let's think about this.

Is something wrong just because I don't understand it? Certainly not! We all willingly confess to ignorance on a variety of issues and things, yet we do not doubt them. It would be foolish to do so and we know it. So we believe. What we do is to conclude that the preponderance (majority) of the evidence favors our believing despite the fact there are things that could easily make us wonder or doubt.

So the Bible. God has not (I believe, on purpose!) filled in all the blanks. Stories are told in such ways that cause me to wonder why and to ask troubling questions for which there are no God-revealed answers. Hundreds, if not thousands, of times I have longed for more information. "God, why didn't you tell me this or that?" Whenever this occurs the door opens to doubt and it becomes a test of my faith. Am I going to believe, continue to fully trust God, or take the doubter's door out, just because I don't completely understand? It is not that I don't have sufficient information to know that God always acts righteous and just - that I can know with certainty! Yet, ????? What about you?