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What Does Your Bible Say?

Questions of the Month for August
1What believing Pharisee came to Jesus by night?
2Who struck the Jordan River with his own mantle to part the waters and walk across on dry land?
3Who was the first Gentile to be converted to Christianity?
4When Jesus preached in an overcrowded house, how did men bring a paralytic to him?
5How many windows did God instruct Noah to build into the ark?
6In the parable of the lost sheep, one was lost. How many sheep were not lost?
7To what country did Jeroboam flee when Solomon sought to kill him?
8Which church sent aid once and again for Paul's necessities?
New Questions will be posted on September 1, 2017.


We hope that you enjoy this monthly quiz. But, more importantly, we hope that this makes you want to know more about what your Bible says. Please take the time to verify the answers. It is important that you get to know your Bible. Your eternal life depends on it.


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