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What Does Your Bible Say?

Questions of the Month for January
1What did the Lord tell Ananias that Saul of Tarsus was doing while waiting for Ananias to come to him?
2What did Ananias tell Saul that baptism would do for him?
3Which king of Judah was struck with leprosy for disobeying God's law?
4Jesus drove a group of demons into a herd of swine. What did the demons call themselves?
5How often was the Showbread replaced on the Table of Showbread?
6In Jerusalem there was a pool of water. When an angel stirred the waters, the first person to enter the pool would be healed. What was the name of the pool?
7When did God stop feeding the Israelites with manna?
8Peter and John healed a lame man who begged for alms at one of the gates of the temple. What was the name of the gate where he begged?
New Questions will be posted on February 1, 2018.


We hope that you enjoy this monthly quiz. But, more importantly, we hope that this makes you want to know more about what your Bible says. Please take the time to verify the answers. It is important that you get to know your Bible. Your eternal life depends on it.


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