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Knollwood Church of Christ
Summer Youth Lecture Series 2017

Our third annual Youth Lectureship will be held Friday through Sunday, August 4-6, 2017.
The theme for this lecture series will be "Brave Yound People in the Bible".
Sermons for this series will be presented by various preachers from the local area.

See our flyer.

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Please bring the following for the lectureship:
   Bible, Notepad, Pen/Pencil, Appropriate/Modest Clothing.

Overnight accomodations will be provided by local members for those joining us from outside the local area.
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If yes, please also bring the following:
  • Change of clothes, Toiletries,
  • Personal electronic device chargers,
  • Any additional bedding you prefer,
  • Cell phone or other contact means in the event of Emergency,
  • Personal funds (this is for personal use only, there are no fees for any part of the Lectureship).
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If you have any questions, please contact Randal Harvey at the following:
   theharv@bizwoh.rr.com / (937) 335-2855 / (937) 216-7344 (cell)

We look forward to having you! God bless you!